It’s Time to Book Your Summer Holidays in Malta!

Are you looking for the perfect summer destination? Look no further than Malta! This small island nation located in the Mediterranean Sea is a true gem waiting to be discovered. With beautiful beaches, historic sites, delicious cuisine, and vibrant culture, Malta is the ideal location for your next summer holiday.

And what better way to experience Malta than by staying at one of The Neu Collective’s hotels? Our hotels are located in prime locations throughout Malta, from the bustling capital city of Valletta to the charming seaside town of Gzira. Each of our hotels offers unique experiences, from the luxurious amenities of The Cumberland Boutique Hotel to the relaxed atmosphere of Urban Rooms.

But what makes Malta such a great holiday destination? Here are just a few of the many selling points:

1: Beautiful Beaches:
Malta boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean, from the golden sands of Golden Bay to the crystal-clear waters of Comino’s Blue Lagoon. Whether you’re looking to relax on the beach or take part in water sports, Malta has something for everyone.

2: Historic Sites:
Malta is home to some of the oldest and most well-preserved historic sites in the world, including the Megalithic Temples of Malta. Other must-see sites include the stunning St. John’s Co-Cathedral and the fortified city of Mdina.

3: Delicious Cuisine:

Malta’s cuisine is a fusion of Mediterranean and North African flavours, resulting in a unique and delicious culinary experience. Don’t miss out on trying the local specialty, pastizzi, a flaky pastry filled with ricotta cheese or peas.

4: Vibrant Culture:
Malta has a rich and vibrant culture that can be seen in its festivals, music, and art. Be sure to check out the traditional festas that take place throughout the summer months, as well as the local art galleries and museums.

And to make your summer holiday in Malta even better, book directly on The Neu Collective’s website and receive a 5% discount on your reservation. Don’t wait any longer—it’s time to book your summer holiday and experience all that these beautiful islands have to offer!


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