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20 Mar

Discover our selection of Malta’ Easter celebrations

Malta celebrates Easter with unique customs and traditions. The country’s cultural and religious influences can be seen in the various celebrations held all over the island. Here are five must-see Easter celebrations in Malta: 1 – Holy Week Exhibitions During Holy Week, various exhibitions are held across Malta displaying religious artifacts, such as statues and […]


13 Jul

The traditional Maltese Festa is back. Are you ready to celebrate with the locals?

Summer in Malta means festa time, with colourful and vibrant celebrations taking place in honour of the patron saint of different villages and towns. Now that the island activities are back in full swing post-COVID, so are our festas, with every week seeing fireworks, music and band marches dotting different parts of Malta. Nothing beats […]


13 Oct

Top 5 Most Beautiful Churches in Malta

Did you know there are over 350 churches in Malta? You might think that, unless you’re particularly religious, this isn’t interesting news. You’re wrong – churches in Malta are all about the art, the majestic architecture and the sheer sense of pageantry. Your stay in Malta certainly won’t be complete if you don’t get to […]