Five must-see Easter celebrations in Malta

Malta celebrates Easter with unique customs and traditions. The country’s cultural and religious influences can be seen in the various celebrations held all over the island. Here are five must-see Easter celebrations in Malta:


1 – Holy Week Exhibitions
During Holy Week, various exhibitions are held across Malta displaying religious artifacts, such as statues and paintings, which tell the Easter story. These exhibitions provide a unique look into Malta’s culture and history and are recommended for those who are interested in these topics.

2 – Good Friday Processions
On Good Friday, people in towns and villages across Malta take part in processions. Participants wear traditional costumes and re-enact the Stations of the Cross. Statues and other religious items are carried through the streets as part of a solemn event.

3 – Easter Sunday Mass
On Easter Sunday, churches in Malta fill with joy and excitement as masses are held throughout the day. Churches are adorned with floral arrangements and Easter decorations, while uplifting music fills the air creating an atmosphere of celebration.

4 – Figolla Baking
Figolla is a traditional Maltese Easter sweet that is similar to marzipan. During Easter, families often come together to bake and decorate the figolla in the shape of a sheep, rabbit or heart, and then top it with icing sugar and other decorations.

5 – Time to enjoy the ‘bebbux’
In Malta, lent and Easter are times for celebrating vegetarian cuisine. A popular dish is ‘bebbux’, which are snails cooked in a tasty broth, accompanied with an aioli paste made from Maltese bread, garlic, olive oil and tomato paste. The combination of these ingredients creates a delicious paste that pairs well with the savoury ‘bebbux’.


Easter is an important celebration in Malta, a very Catholic country. Various activities take place during the holiday, from solemn processions on Good Friday to joyful Easter Sunday Masses and special treats like figolla baking. There are also Holy Week exhibitions to give visitors an opportunity to learn more about Malta’s culture and religion during their visit. Easter is therefore an excellent time of year to experience all Malta has to offer.


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