Top 5 Spots For the Most Gorgeous Sunsets in Malta

Are you forever chasing sunsets, the gorgeous fiery glows of the last hours of the day making you feel alive? Well, you’ve certainly picked the right place to holiday, as Malta is known for its spectacular sunsets, veritable Insta-gold, complete with some truly amazing spots from where to enjoy them.

Here is our definitive list of the 5 best spots where to enjoy the sunset in Malta:

5️⃣ Dingli Cliffs

At the very edge of the island you will find the majestic Dingli Cliffs. Solitary, unspoilt and hosts to the most amazing display in the sky, every evening. Catch the bus right to the cliffs and meander a while, taking in the scenery, as you get ready to snap away.


4️⃣ Għajn Tuffieħa

Another super spot, especially if you wish to sip a cocktail while enjoying your sunset, as there are many great bars situated almost right on the water’s edge.


3️⃣ Mellieha

A stone’s throw away from Golden Bay you will find the old, but bustling, village of Mellieha. It is also home to Ghadira, one of the nosy iconic sandy beaches in Malta. Take your pick of gorgeous sunset spots, the most evocative one certainly being right next to the Red Tower.


2️⃣ Gnejna

A favourite haunt with the locals, it is easy to see what makes this tiny and charming beach so special. Join the groups of Maltese enjoying an ice-cream on the sandy dunes, or on one of the benches, and get ready for nature’s show in the sky.


And, saving the best for our number 1 spot of course!

1️⃣ Aqualuna Lido ❤️

Finally, see your day by the pool off to a spectacular finale, with the best seats in the house from where to enjoy our Mediterranean sunset. Glass of wine or cocktail in your hand, the experience will certainly make it on the top moments of your Malta holiday!


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