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When arriving at Malta, there is more than meets the eyes.
This Mediterranean destination has more to offer than just the beautiful beaches or the gorgeous tourist attractions and landscapes.

Getting together with friends at restaurants for a full dining experience or just having a nice relaxing drink at a coffee shop, here is where The Neu Collective can help you with to elevate your stay in Malta.

The Neu Collective offers restaurants and Cafes that provide such a quality of services to help everyone enjoy their days in Malta.

Grana Gzira & Grana Valletta

Grana ‘s concept is all about the love of Mediterranean food, and both restaurants offer many different types of dishes which translate this passion. One restaurant is located in Valletta and the other one located in Gzira, round the corner to the famous Strand Boulevard.

Grana’s menu offers a wide variety of options and diverse flavours that will appeal to all visitors. At Grana Gzira, one can enjoy pizza, while breakfast is exclusively served at Grana Valletta. However both serve homemade pasta, salads, burgers and meats which are literally grilled and served to perfection, making both restaurants landmarks in their respective towns.

Grana Valletta is located at 114 Triq San Gwann in Valletta and Grana Gzira is located at Bouverie Street, in Gżira.

Grana Valletta:
– Breakfast:  7:00am to 10:30am
– Lunch: 12.00pm to 03:30pm
– Dinner: 06.00pm to 10:30pm

Grana Gzira:
– Lunch: 12.00pm to 03:30pm
– Dinner: 06.00pm to 10:30pm

If you feel like going out for breakfast then Grana Valletta is the perfect place for that, however they don’t do pizza there. So, if you want to enjoy pizza, you will need to go to Grana Gzira where they also provide delivery from Bolt Food and Wolt as well as take away option with a  20% discount on your bill.

More information and menu can be visible at

Get Social with Grana:

Bookbites Coffee & More

Bookbites Café is a coffee shop that allows you to take some time to enjoy a good book or even a newspaper while treating yourself to some of their snacks and delicious coffee selection. Bookbites offers the best vibe when it comes to having a relaxing environment, which makes your reading and coffee sessions a lot more pleasant. This café is located on The Strand boulevard.

Bookbites is also fully stuck up with stationary, magazines, games and toys to keep all family members happy. Opening hours: 6.30am till late.

Strand Café

The last addition to The Neu Collective outlets is Strand Café. This lovely and intimate cafeteria will be opening soon along with The Neu Collective hotel, Strand Suites which are both coming out on the 1st July 2022. The coffee shop is going to be great for those that love to have a coffee or a tea, along with light snacks and pastries as it will provide all-day dining in a nicely polished and stylish environment.

Strand Café will be open from 6.30 till late. Discover more on

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