What to Pack for Your Summer Trip to Malta?

Welcome to the legendary Maltese summer, where the only thing you need to pack are flipflops and a swimsuit, and you’re set to go. Technically, this is correct – welcome to the island lifestyle, where laidback is the mantra and the only requirement is a will to have fun.

But, of course, packing is all part of the holiday fun. And, while you’ll be able to shop for anything your heart desires while you’re enjoying your Mediterranean vacation, it’s also good to be prepared for whatever the island might throw at you. Follow our top 5 tips, and you’ll be covered. And don’t forget – if you forget anything, just roll with it because we will solve all issues for you.

1 / Beachwear, duh! Do we really need to say it? Depending on how much of a sun worshipper you are, there’s a good chance that your swimsuit will become your new uniform during your time with us. Just make sure you pair it with some good sunscreen, because you don’t want to take in more sun than is good for you, right? Bikinis, one piece, speedos, trunks… pair with kaftans (for the ladies) and funky shirts (for the gents) if you want to transition to a beach party for the night.

2 / Floppy hats and don’t forget those big shades either, because you’re going to need them! Whether you’re off to check out the neolithic temples, the latest hip eaterie or just lounging at the lido, shade is a must! Don’t think you can get away without hat or shades if it’s a tad cloudy in the morning. You’ve no idea how fast and suddenly you’ll find yourself doused in sunshine.

3 / One smart outfit. Fine, Malta is as relaxed as they come in terms of dress code. But who doesn’t enjoy an excuse to dress up, right? Especially while on holiday and there’s nothing pressing on your mind. Should the mood strike you, the nightlife offers its fair share of smart spots, whether it’s the latest restaurant to receive a coveted Michelin star, or a hot and happening cocktails lounge, you’ll want to dress to impress. Whether it’s the tried and tested little black dress, or a hip number… dark shirt for the gents, or a full-on black tie… show it off!

4 / Comfortable shoes because, chances are you will do quite a bit of strolling. Malta is a sight-seers’ paradise, and even walking around the promenade, or a quaint village centre, is quite the experience. You want to be comfortable, not worrying about your heels!

5 / A light jacket. This might come as a surprise but, while the temperature is guaranteed to be balmy, if you’re enjoying an al fresco dinner till the early hours – or a BBQ on the beach, or even a romantic, moonlit stroll on the mediaeval bastions… you might want to cover up with a shawl or a light summer jacket.

And that’s it for our list of essential summer packing to Malta!
Once again, if you forget anything there’s no reason to stress. After all, shopping is also an essential island experience!