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Created especially for the sun-lovers, the pool babes and those who love nothing better than a chill cocktail with a stunning view, Aqualuna lido is easily the most sought-after summer address on the island.


A Mediterranean summer is truly like no other, and in Malta we like to make the best of the season with long days by the pool, chatting, people-watching and enjoying life in general. Aqualuna offers guests all this, with an added dash of style.

Located right on the water’s edge, our private lido offers sweeping views of Manoel Island and the capital city of Valletta, placing guests right in the middle of some of the most instagrammable backdrops on the island.

A day at Aqualuna is the perfect chill day when you need a pause from your packed holiday itinerary. All hotel guests from The Neu Collective properties (115 The Strand, Strand Suites, Urban Rooms and The Cumberland Boutique Hotel) are offered complimentary entrance to the lido. All you’ll need to decide on the day is when to order lunch and which cocktails are your favourite.

Sundown is likewise a special time of day at Aqualuna, so do drop in for a refreshing dip after a day of shopping and sight-seeing. We have some pretty delicious drinks to complement the golden hour, so kick back and just enjoy the view. We believe in treating our guests right and we pride ourselves on the luxury approach at Aqualuna – whether you’re dining with us, having a drink or two, or just relaxing. Add some lounge music to set the vibe, and we’re offering you the recipe for a perfect day surrounded by the blue of the Med.

Inauguration of Aqualuna Beach Club

Aqualuna has been inaugurated by the Prime Minister Robert Abela last 16th June 2022, along with representatives from the government, the local council and the owners.

With an investment of over €8 million, the beach club offers swimming pool with an adjoining restaurant, two separate restaurants, a playground for children and a space for artistic expression.

One can also appreciate the artistic artwork at the side of the lido representing a Sea Turtle. This creation from Michael Azzopardi from MIKO Design, is inspired by the shape of the nearby Fort Manoel and the fact that the Mediterranean Sea is home to five of the seven species of sea turtles that exist in the world.

Tempted? Check out and get ready to make some gorgeous memories.

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