Unlock the Perfect Autumn Getaway: Which Neu Collective Hotel in Malta Is Your Dream Destination?

Seeking an unmatched Malta experience? Dive into The Neu Collective's diverse lodging choices, from chic urban getaways to majestic capital city palazzos, ensuring your Maltese journey is nothing short of perfection.

115 The
Strand Hotel & Suites

Nestled in Gzira’s scenic promenade, 115 The Strand emerges as the quintessential hub for explorers and families. Its blend of modern rooms brims with top-tier amenities like swift WiFi, complemented by luxe treats such as an indoor pool, sauna, and exclusive beach lido access for guests. The allure of Valletta is just a ferry ride away, offering quick connectivity to the capital’s charm.


Elegant Stay at Strand Suites

Embrace Malta’s essence in these newly unveiled suites, crafted for those desiring trendy bedrooms or fully-furnished apartments. Relish Maltese living, complete with a rooftop pool. And the bonus? A cosy cafeteria beckoning right at the entrance.


Urban Rooms: Modernity Meets Tradition

Situated at Gzira’s core, these gems perfectly amalgamate local culture with modern comforts. Guests get an inclusive pass to 115 The Strand’s amenities. Tailored for today’s nomad, these rooms feature a handy kitchenette and a jacuzzi crowned atop. 


History & Luxury at The Cumberland Hotel

Craving a sprinkle of Maltese legacy with opulence? The Cumberland, housed within a 16th-century Valletta palazzo, fits the bill. Step out, and you’re amidst world-renowned eateries, cultural marvels, and the city’s vibrant pulse. The rooftop? A serene retreat offering panoramic Grand Harbour vistas.


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