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Holidaying in the Mediterranean during the summer comes with plenty of perks, especially if you’re into long days chilling on the beach, enjoying the sun. With so many beautiful beaches to explore in Malta, a summer vacation on the island will offer a spectacular experience.

Based at the wonderfully central 115 The Strand in Sliema, you will be conveniently close to Malta’s hip beaches, the ones that are buzzing with life, attracting the bright and the beautiful. Exiles Beach, a short bus-ride away, is the perfect spot to chill by the water after a morning’s shopping, for example. The water is gorgeous, as are the cocktails served by the various beach bars that dot the coastline.

If sandy beaches get you all dreamy, then you need to spend a day at two of Malta’s signature beaches – Ghadira and Riviera, Golden Bay. Both beaches are easily reached by bus or taxi, and offer azure, clear waters, a plethora of water sports for those who wish to be more active, and the option to rent deckchairs and umbrellas for added comfort.

A particularly fun option to try here is paragliding, incredibly popular with tourists and offering a bit of an adrenalin rush too. Renting a kayak or a paddle boat is also a wonderful idea, as you will get to explore the hidden coves around the bay, while enjoying the fauna.

And, when you are in the mood for a quick snack or even a full meal, there are plenty of tempting options overlooking the bay itself, for a truly Mediterranean experience.

Malta also offers a number of off-the-beaten track beaches that are work exploring. Anchor Bay, situated right on site where the movie Popeye was shot, is particularly impressive, with crystalline waters and an iconic backdrop that has graced many an Instagram photo. If you are not sure how to reach this bay, we will be happy to make arrangements for you!

Of course, it you wish to take it easy and enjoy a day by the beach closer to your base, we also offer access to Aqualuna, a private lido that enjoys amazing views on the historic Manoel Island and beyond, all the way to Valletta’s Marsamxett Bay, and where will enjoy unparalleled comfort and service.

As a hotel guest, you can choose one of our room packages that includes access to this exclusive lido, or you can even opt for an independent pass subject to availability. Aqualuna will offer a no-stress experience, with two restaurants on-site, a cocktail menu that will undoubtedly tantalize you and – best of all – a superb experience that will be one of your prized holiday memories. Aqualuna will open this summer. Stay tuned!




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