5 Beautiful Spots to Visit in Gozo

Autumn is the perfect time to enjoy a day out, or maybe even a weekend, on the sister island of Gozo. Very easy to reach via fast ferry service from Valletta, or using the more picturesque ferry from Cirkewwa, Gozo offers an entirely new landscape that is best enjoyed during the balmy autumn months. 😍 Here’s our list of favourite spots to hit:


1 / 🌸 The Ċittadella 🌸
No self-respecting visit to Gozo can start anywhere but here, the fortified hill – hence the name, the Citadel – that triumphs atop of the capital of Victoria. Boasting sweeping 360-degree views of the island, make sure that you’re on top of your Insta game while there. But it’s not just about the panorama and the social media kudos. The Ċittadella is steeped in history and the architecture is unparalleled.



2 / 🧂 Xwejni Salt Pans
Just to the north of the seaside town of Marsalforn lie the famous salt pans that have graced myriad postcards. Wear your comfiest walking shoes and pick up some snacks before you leave (at Neu Collective we will be happy to help) and get ready to breathe the wonderful sea-salt air as you hike through one of Gozo’s most pristine nature spots. Top off your outing with coffee and cake back in the civilisation of Marsalforn.



3 / Ta Pinu Church 🙏🏻
You don’t need to be religious to appreciate the beauty and the symbolism of this majestic church that rises triumphant with views of the open countryside and the azure Med right behind it. The church is steeped in legend and rituals, and an hour there will leave you enchanted and touched by the power that faith can have in some people.


4 / 🙂 Ġgantija Temples
What’s the word for ‘giant’ in Maltese? You guessed it: ġgant! So, no prizes for figuring out the story behind the name of these prehistoric temples. Get ready to be impressed, as these temples date back to circa 3600–2500 BC and are even older than the Pyramids of Egypt. Designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the temples are said to have been built by a giantess who bore a child from a common mortal.



5 / Mġarr ix-Xini 🏖️
This spectacular bay loses none of its attractions in autumn. Indeed, it becomes even prettier with less people sunbathing and waters that are even more crystal clear than usual. Apart from its obvious claim to fame, which is that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt shot By the Sea on location here, the bay is famous for being flanked by a dramatic cliff-edge and gorgeous greenery that will be in full splendour in these months.

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